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The Mission

You should be able to get all of the value you can out of your devices. If a device only needs a couple of inexpensive components, it is a waste to simply replace the device with a new one. The brands that design these devices, most of them anyway, don't want you to do that. They would prefer you just replaced the device.

What a waste!

This is what we are, an option. We want to help you extract more usable life out of perfectly usable tech, help you save by repairing instead of replacing. This doesn't mean everything should be repaired, some things won't be worth the effort. But if economical, we can help you repair, upgrade, and rehabilitate your devices. Failing that, we can ease your migration to a new device or platform if it is actually time to put the old girl down to rest.

We fix by mail!

Just fill out the mail-in form to create a ticket, pack up your device, create a shipping label with your favorite carrier, and wait for your repair estimate. It's that easy. Progress updates can be seen on our online customer portal, as well as past purchases and repairs.

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What can we fix?



Game Consoles

Graphics Cards


And Much More

If you have any questions, please submit an email before filling out our mail-in form.